Friday, 11 November 2011

Travel Bug

I am thankful to my mom and for passing The Travel Bug on to me. When she was in Grade 8, my mom, uncle and grandparents took a year-long sojourn to Europe. Starting near the Crystal Palace in London, they travelled around Western Europe in a mini-van, spending time in places such as France, Italy and (most memorably) Spain. I have countless childhood memories of Mom and Grandpa retelling the highlights of that year abroad – some of them awe-inspiring, others downright hilarious.
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to explore the world and see firsthand some of these places I’d heard about as a kid. When I graduated from University I took a leap of faith and moved across the pond to the Motherland to spend a year or so teaching (and travelling).
While living in England I was fortunate enough to stay at two World Centres and tick those off my bucket list of places to see. Pax Lodge became my home-away-from-home- away-from-home. Whenever we came down to London from the north where we lived, my friends and I stayed there. In the world of London’s Budget Accommodation, it’s the jewel in the crown. But, it being a Girl Guide Centre, was there ever any doubt?

Pax Lodge has this great map in the dining room where you can stick a pin in where you are from and add a crest to the mix. This is my friend Jess and I several years ago.

During the summer I lived in the UK, my roommate and I decided to do the Canadian thing and backpack through Europe. (Please note: I did not sew a Canadian flag to my pack Рthat was taking the clich̩ too far).
On that trip we spent a couple nights at Our Chalet in Adelboden. How we actually made it to the chalet, I will never forget. Since we were doing things on the cheap, we passed on the idea of taking a taxi and decided to walk up, up, up, up from the main road in the valley to Our Chalet. Oh yes, and in the pouring rain. With heavy backpacks. Upon arriving at the door soaking wet and just a bit tired, we were welcomed there in true Girl Guide fashion – just in time for a warm supper.

Almost there! Will this rain stop?

I love Our Chalet.

I’m looking forward to ticking a third World Centre off my bucket list in just a few weeks’ time.
I wonder what adventures I might have while travelling to Sangam Centre...

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