Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Immunizations, Round One

One of the things to consider when travelling to a developing country are the SHOTS you will need in advance. For the record, I really don't care for doctors offices. I find the vibe in them to be disconcerting. That being said, I'm willing to put my aversion to the side knowing that preventative medicine is the better option.

So, determinedly I head off to the Travel Medical Clinic on Monday afternoon. I'm sure the doctor thinks I'm crazy because of the questions I'm asking and the speed at which they are being asked. (I talk fast when I'm nervous).

Here is what I learned:
1.The typhoid vaccine is not actually live stuff. I don't know where I got the idea that they actually injected you with typhoid to keep you from catching it later...
2. Malaria pills can be crushed up and taken in yogurt. This made me feel much more relaxed. I have difficulties swallowing pills, you see. I realize this is likely a psychological issue because I probably swallow pieces of food that are bigger than a Tylenol on a regular basis.
3. My non-dominant arm is actually used more than I thought. When I sleep on my side, for example. It is very hard to sleep when my right arm is throbbing from that Typhoid shot. I think I may switch up arms next week when I head back to the clinic for Round Two of my immunizations.
4. And lastly, the Travel Medical Clinic looks less like a doctor's office and more like a travel agency. There are cool maps and magazines to look at while you wait!

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